How to Get Started With Meditation - Breathing Technique For Beginners.


Embarking on a journey of self-care and inner exploration, the breath becomes a fundamental anchor for relaxation and meditation. In this simple yet potent practice, we delve into the art of focusing on our breath. The objective is to guide you through a tranquil meditation, enabling you to experience a profound sense of calm that can be effortlessly recreated in your solitary moments of reflection.

Guided Relaxation Meditation:

  1. To commence, find a comfortable sitting position. Whether in a chair or any suitable space, ensure that your body is at ease. Close your eyes, shutting out external stimuli to enhance your focus.
  2. Inhale deliberately and deeply, letting the breath fill your lungs. As you do so, intentionally tense your entire body. Hold your breath momentarily, sensing the tension, and then exhale. As you release your breath, consciously let go of all accumulated tension. Repeat this process twice more to immerse yourself in a state of physical release.
  3. Shift your attention to your breath. Inhale slowly, and as you exhale, release any lingering tension in your body. This phase is about fostering not just physical but mental relaxation. Release any thoughts or concerns, granting yourself a brief respite from the demands of daily responsibilities.
  4. Take another unhurried, deep breath, holding it briefly before exhaling. As you release the breath, savor the enveloping sensation of profound relaxation and peace.
  5. Repeat the process once more. Inhale deeply, hold briefly, and then exhale, allowing any remaining tension to dissipate. Affirm within yourself that all is well in this present moment.

Exploration and Reflection:

As you conclude the guided meditation, take a moment to reflect on the newfound calmness and rejuvenation that now resides within you. This state is not merely a fleeting experience but a resource you can tap into whenever needed. It positions you optimally for the remainder of your day or any tasks at hand.

Returning to the Present:

Gently transition back to your immediate surroundings, bringing your awareness to the present. Slowly open your eyes, carrying the tranquility you’ve cultivated with you into the upcoming moments.

Versatility of the Meditation:

This simple yet effective meditation is a versatile tool in your mental well-being toolkit. Beyond being a stress-reliever, it serves as a method to enhance focus on any given task. Consider practicing this routine multiple times to establish comfort in executing it independently.

Integration into Daily Routine:

Embrace the moments of peace and relaxation that this meditation affords. Consider incorporating it into your daily routine, perhaps in the morning to set a positive tone for the day or in the evening to unwind. Consistent practice will deepen your connection with this intentional moment of mindfulness.


As you embark on this journey of self-discovery through mindful breathing, relish in the simplicity and effectiveness of this practice. Let each breath be a reminder of your ability to create moments of calm amidst life’s demands. The journey towards self-discovery unfolds with ease and enjoyment, and this meditation serves as a valuable companion on that path. Inhale peace, exhale stress, and embrace the transformative power of your breath.

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