If you are new to yoga and don’t know where to get started, here is the quick read that will help you get started with yoga in 15 minutes !

What is Yoga ?

Yoga, derived from Sanskrit “yuj,” means uniting for well-being. It involves physical postures (asanas) for strength, meditation and breath control for clarity, fostering body-mind harmony. Rooted in Indian philosophy, yoga encompasses ethics like non-violence, guiding behavior. Paths like Hatha Yoga for fitness, Bhakti Yoga for devotion, Jnana Yoga for wisdom, and Karma Yoga for service offer diverse approaches. Yoga aims to unify these paths, facilitating self-discovery and inner peace. Embracing yoga cultivates balance, fostering harmony within and around, for a holistic life journey.

Step 1: Start with Shavasana

Shavasana, often called “Corpse Pose,” is a relaxation posture in yoga. During this practice, you lie down flat on your back, keeping your arms and legs comfortably spread. Then scan your body in your mind from your feet to your head. The aim is total relaxation. You let go of any tension in your body and mind. It’s a moment to rest after physical exercises and absorb their benefits. Shavasana also helps calm your breathing and reduces stress. While appearing simple, it holds significance as a transition from active poses to stillness, promoting a sense of renewal and tranquility.

Step 2: Chant “OMor “AUM” 3 times

To chant “Om” (Aum), sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. As you exhale, begin with “Aaa,” letting the sound resonate from your abdomen to your throat. Inhale briefly and then exhale, making “Uuu” sound from your throat. Again, inhale and then exhale, creating “Mmm” as the sound vibrates in your head. Feel the unity of these sounds as one. “Om” signifies the universe’s vibration, representing creation (A), consciousness (U), and transformation (M). It embodies the essence of all reality, connecting us to our inner selves and the world, fostering focus, mindfulness, and spiritual awareness.

Step 3: Move on to Pranayama (Phase 1: Kapalbhati)

Kapalabhati, a cleansing pranayama, involves quick, forceful exhalations and passive inhalations through the nose. Sit in a comfortable position, spine straight. Exhale forcefully by contracting the abdomen, then let the inhalation happen naturally. Start with 20 exhalations, gradually increasing. Focus on the exhalation’s sharpness and the automatic inhalation. Pause between rounds. Kapalabhati clears the respiratory system, boosts oxygen intake, and invigorates the body. It enhances lung capacity, improves digestion, and helps remove toxins. Energetically, it activates the Manipura chakra, fostering vitality and awareness. As a dynamic breath exercise, it uplifts the mind and awakens the senses, preparing for meditation. It’s not recommended for those with high blood pressure, heart issues, or during pregnancy.

Step 4: Move on to Pranayama (Phase 2: Anulom Vilom)

Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) is a balancing pranayama. Sit comfortably with a straight spine. Close your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale slowly through the left nostril. Close the left nostril with your right ring finger, release the right nostril, and exhale through it. Inhale through the right nostril, close it, and exhale through the left. This completes one cycle. Repeat for 20 cycles. Anulom Vilom calms the mind, balances energy, and harmonizes the nadis (energy channels). It enhances mental clarity, reduces stress, and promotes better respiratory function. Practiced regularly, it cultivates a sense of equilibrium and prepares the mind for meditation.

Start with these steps. It should take 10-15 minutes for a beginner. Congrats, you are a yogi now !

Once you re able to do this everyday for a week, it will be time to include Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) and from there we will keep adding more asanas and meditation techniques. We will explain this further in next post.

Feel free to find more content on the steps above on YouTube or Insta. The basics are still the same.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to drop a comment or just say hi.

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